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Specialty Sandwiches

    1. Golden Gate
    Chicken Breast, Teriyaki & Melted Cheese 
    2. Hang Moose
    Hot Pastrami, Bacon, Cream Cheese & Avocado 
    3. Italian Stallone 
    Ham, Salami, Pastrami, Jack & Italian Dressing 
    4. Tim Turkey
    Turkey, Bacon & Swiss 
    5. The Man
    Hot Pastrami & Melted Swiss 
    6. House Combo
    Turkey, Salami, Ham & American 
    7. The Hottie
    Hot Turkey, Melted Pepper Jack, Baja & Cranberry Sauce 
    8. The Club
    Turkey, Ham, Cheddar & Bacon on Triple-Decker Toast
    9. Chicken Rancho
    Chicken Breast, Melted Jack & Ranch
    10. Fast Teddy
    Host Roast Beef, BBQ Sauce & Melted Cheese
    11. B.L.T.A.
    Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Avocado on Triple-Decker Toast
    12. RayRay
    Chicken Breast, Melted Pepper Jack & Baja Sauce
    13. Mad Sub
    Chicken Breast, Melted Jack Cheese, Avocado and Bacon
    14. Big Tony
    Chicken Salad with Swiss & Avocado
    15. Tuna Una
    Tuna Salad, Swiss, Avocado & Cucumber
    16. A'Michele
    Chicken Breast, Melted Jack, & Cranberry Sauce
    17. BBQ Melt
    Chicken Breast, BBQ Sauce & Melted Cheese
    18. Go Beef
    Roast Beef, Pastrami, & Melted Jack Cheese
    19. Vegy Vegy 
    Choice of Cheese, Cucumbers and Avocado
    20. Big Jay
    Turkey, Avocado & Cream Cheese
    21. Tall Skinny Matt
    Chicken Breast, Roast Beef, Pepper Jack, Teriyaki, BBQ and Baja Sauce
    22. Red Rooster
    Chicken Breast, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapenos and Hot Sauce
    23. Jesse James
    Ham, Turkey, Cheddar, Bacon, Cream Cheese and Baja Sauce
    24. Pastrami Ruben
    Hot Pastrami, Swiss, Sauerkraut and Thousand Island
    25. Crazy Chicken 
    Chicken Breast, Jack Cheese, Sauerkraut, BBQ and Cranberry
    26. Doc Holiday
    Turkey Salami, Jack and Cheddar, BBQ and Baja Sauce

Classic Sandwiches
Roast Beef
Chicken Salad 
Tuna Salad

Sandwich Toppings 
"Everything" on our sandwiches includes:
Mayo, Mustard, Garlic Sauce, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Peppers, Onions and Olives

Choice of Bread:
Dutch Crunch Roll, Sweet Roll, Sourdough Roll, Wheat Roll, Sliced Wheat and Sliced Marble Rye

Choice of Cheese:
American, Swiss, Jack, Pepper Jack, Cheddar and Provolone 

Green Salad
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad
Marinated Chicken Salad
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad

Salads include:
Diced Tomatoes, Diced Cucumbers, Shredded Cheese, Croutons, Red Onions and bacon.

Salad Dressings:
Homemade Thousand Island, Ranch, Italian

Cheese, Bacon, Avocado, Cranberry

Sandwich Trays
Let Mad Subs cater your next luncheon, birthday party or event.  Let our manager assist you with the details of your order.

Choice of Meats
Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Salami, Pastrami, Chicken, Tuna

5133 Madison Ave # 2, Sacramento, CA 95841
5133 Madison Ave # 2, 
Sacramento, CA 95841

Phone: 916-571-5072


Monday-Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

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The owner seems really nice and business-oriented. He knows some of the history of the shop and his employees were on top of their game. Got my food promptly and the order was correct so I'm very happy! 

-Roman K.